The Players' Preview: An Inside Look at the U.S. U21 Men's Team

The world championship is on the line and you’ve got 30 seconds to score. Who do you want with the ball in his stick?


“Myself or Jared Paquette.” —Liam Entenmann

Which of your U.S. teammates do you respect the most?


“His work ethic pushes those around him to be better.” – Danny Parker


“He has committed his life to service of our country.” – Pat Hackler

Which teammate would you want your daughter to marry?

THE PLAYERS’ PICKS: Pat Hackler, Alex Slusher and Liam Entenmann

Which teammate would you NEVER want your daughter to marry?


Which U.S. player would make for the most entertaining reality TV show?

“You need a reality TV show about the Kirst family.” – Ryan Schriber

“Probably Schriber. He’s just a really funny dude.” – Jackson Bonitz

Who’s the one guy no one wants to room with?

THE PLAYERS’ PICK: Brennan O’Neill

“He’s too big and when it gets hot out he sweats like a dog. Your room will smell fierce.” – Ryan Schriber


Who’s most likely to go TikTok viral?

THE PLAYERS’ PICKS: Brennan O’Neill/Liam Entenmann

“Ryan Schriber. His dance moves are unmatched.”

Who has the best jokes?


Who is the heart and soul of Team USA?

THE PLAYERS’ PICKS: Graham Bundy and Cole Kirst

“Coach Ford.”

If someone wrote a book about your life, what would be the title?

“Family Game. Almost every person on my dad's side has played lacrosse. I'm proud to keep that tradition going.” – Liam Entenmann

“Handsome, Smart and (Most Importantly) Humble.”  – Ryan Schriber

“He Always Figures It Out.” — Jack Monfort

“Small Town Bonnie.” – Jackson Bonitz

“Made in Oregon.” – Alex Slusher

What animal best describes Nick Myers?


Who is your sports idol?

“Michael Jordan. I loved how he demanded everything out of his teammates, and although he was tough on them, he never asked them to do anything he didn’t do himself.” — Ryan Schriber

“Larry Bird. Loved the game so much that he played until he was physically incapable of doing so any more.” — Brendan Grimes

“Jimmy Regan, Brendan Looney and Welles Crowther — all guys who played lacrosse but went on to do very selfless things with their lives. These types of people shape the culture of lacrosse today.” — Liam Entenmann

“The Great Bambino. I have watched tons of documentaries about him. He was all-time and he was also for the people.” – Jack Monfort

“Tiger Woods. He knows there is a huge target on his back at all time but remains dialed in on the golf course.” – Jake Caputo

“Joey Chestnut. His mental strength separates him from the rest of his competition.” – Danny Parker

What’s your hidden talent?

“I can make a duck noise.” – Danny Parker

“I can name all of the presidents by last name in order.” – Cole Kirst

Favorite moment (so far) with the U21 team?

“Our training camp in 2021 was awesome. I had not seen the guys in a while because of COVID shutting everything down, but we were able to spend a lot of time together off the field at this training camp.” – Liam Entenmann

“Our first time getting back together after COVID. I missed seeing all the guys I was just so excited to get the band back together again.” – Ryan Schriber

“Each opportunity to represent the country. I specifically enjoy the playing of the national anthem while wearing red, white and blue.” – Danny Parker

“When we found out they were rescheduling the U21 tournament.” – Jared Paquette

Greatest moment of your lacrosse career?

“So far it has definitely been putting that USA jersey on. There’s nothing like putting your country’s name on your chest and representing the red, white and blue. Right when that national anthem goes, you immediately get chills and think about how grateful you are.” – Brendan Grimes

“ND’s win over Duke for our last game of the season. Packed house and a great comeback win. Felt like one of those classic Notre Dame rivalry games that I watched growing up, and it was surreal to be playing in the game myself.” – Liam Entenmann

“Coach Myers is not going to like this one, but the best moment of my lacrosse career so far was beating OSU in the Big Ten tournament my sophomore year.” – Ryan Schriber

“Winning the North Carolina high school state championship in 2017.” – Jake Caputo

“Playing my brothers in the first round of the NCAA tournament.” – Cole Kirst

“Playing in the final four and finding out I made the USA team.” – Kenny Brower

“Going to the final four.” – Alex Slusher

What’s the craziest/most adventurous thing you’ve ever done?

“Searching through an abandoned haunted building.” – Jackson Bonitz

“Whitewater rafting in class 4 waters.” – Brendan Grimes

“Backcountry Skiing in Jackson, Wyoming.” – Pat Hackler

“Rode Kingda Ka.” – Cole Kirst

“Parkour.” – Danny Parker

The U.S. U21 men’s team, selected before the pandemic as a U19 contingent, will finally take the field Aug. 10 for the World Lacrosse Men’s U21 Championship opener in Limerick, Ireland.

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