Coach Spotlight: U19 Women's Assistant Coach Brooke Matthews

Brooke Matthews joins a U19 coaching staff that includes Northwestern coach Kelly Amonte Hiller, along with Wildcat grads Ann Elliott and Angela McMahon.

1. What drew you to take part in the U.S. program? 

It is an unbelievable opportunity. I was initially drawn to it because I love competing and coaching at the highest level and the thought of being able to represent USA on an extremely high level was super exciting. When I heard that [Northwestern coach] Kelly [Amonte Hiller] was going to be the head coach, I was even more excited about the opportunity. To have the chance to coach with her would be a really cool experience. From experience, I know that Kelly always competes at the highest level and brings creative and new ideas to the table, and to be a part of that would be really special.  

2. Does the coaching staff, which also includes assistants Ann Elliott (NU ’07) and Angela McMahon (NU ’04), feel closer as Wildcats? 

I love how many Wildcats are involved! It is really special to be able to coach with people who have the same mindset and similar experiences. This will help us all be on the same page and have the same standards. At the same time, after graduating, we have all had very different experiences and we can draw from those as well. You want a staff that is of like mind, but you also need diversity and new ideas. Ang and Annie are awesome role models to me who have done such amazing things with their respective programs and I am really excited to learn from them as well. Ang has created a powerhouse dominant program at UMass and Annie has gotten Colorado on the national stage in just a few years. This is no accident. They are phenomenal coaches!  

3. What value do you see in the U.S. program?

This will be my first experience with the U.S. program, but I see immense value in competing at the highest level and representing your country on a world stage. As a coach, it is a fantastic opportunity to learn from other coaches and especially the players. 

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