Game Ready: Wall Don't Lie With Kylie Ohlmiller


Kylie Ohlmiller believes success starts with the stick.

The best way to work on that element unique to lacrosse is hit the wall. It’s where Ohlmiller, the U.S. team star who set the NCAA single-season and career points record at Stony Brook, first developed her creativity and continues to explore the seemingly limitless possibilities of the sport.

In a blog post for the Pacific Edge Lacrosse Association and several “Wall Ball Wednesday” YouTube tutorials, Ohlmiller shared some key tips to get the most out of your sessions.


Start in an athletic stance with your feet parallel to the wall, then angle your front foot forward. This will help recreate passes you’ll make in a game as opposed to standing flat-footed. For each pass, make sure your front elbow is pointed toward the wall and aim the butt of your stick to where you want the ball to go. Snap, point, follow through. Repeat.


To focus on correct form and mechanics, Ohlmiller starts wall ball with top hand-only reps. After getting in the proper stance, make an “L” shape with your arm, keeping your elbow away from your body. Your hand should be right in the middle of your stick. If that proves challenging, slide it up a little for more control.


Ohlmiller sometimes intentionally throws bad passes to herself off the wall. This not only helps expand her catch radius, but also simulates game situations.

“Not every pass is going to be perfect, so it is important to practice making the play no matter what,” she says. “Wall ball is a great way to get tons of good reps catching bad balls.”


Sidearms, behind the backs, twizzlers — the wall is the perfect place to get creative while also getting immediate feedback. Toward the end of each session, challenge yourself to try something new.


25 reps with each hand

  • One-handed

  • One-handed face dodge switches

  • High, middle, low

  • Catch on back

  • Sidearm

  • Off-hand catch, reverse-grip quick stick

  • Behind the back

  • Twizzler

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