How to Let It Rip with U.S. Goalie Liz Hogan


If you watched the U.S. women’s national team’s battle with James Madison at the Team USA Fall Classic, you probably noticed something unusual about eight minutes in.

Team USA goalie Liz Hogan was awarded the assist on Kylie Ohlmiller’s second goal.

Hogan’s full-field clear just a few feet from her own 12-meter arc soared to the opposite 8-meter fan with speed and accuracy that caused many fans’ jaws to drop.

“It’s such a rare thing in lacrosse, but whether it’s coming from a goalie or defender, there’s something special to a full-field assist,” Hogan said.

As Hogan calls it, you need the “perfect storm” for a goalie to record a full-field assist.

It’s all about time and room.

The Perfect Storm

1. Look.

If the quick outlet isn’t there, start your check-down sequence. Look long first, then to the sides, then to a defender.

2. Analyze.

Evaluate your opponent’s ride.

If it’s a zone, longer passes may look open, but there’s time for defenders to catch up. Throw the ball into space.

If it’s a man-to-man, look for your midfielders or attackers cutting. See a teammate that’s closer to the goal than her defender? Throw a leading pass.

3. Throw.

Keep one hand at the bottom of your shaft and the other about 8-12 inches up. For longer clears, put more power into your legs, use your core, reach further back with your arms and follow through.

A running start — where your energy transfers from your back foot forward toward the target while your hips rotate — can help. Because goalie sticks are heavier and pockets tend to have more whip, get your body behind the throw.


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