PLL Top 50: Breaking Down the Premier Lacrosse League's 2020 Rankings


Last year, Tom Schreiber ranked second behind Matt Rambo. This year, he's at the top of the PLL Top 50.

The second year of the Premier Lacrosse League Top 50 is here. Nothing to argue about, right?

Last year, there was something of a debate when Matt Rambo, the inaugural season MVP, was voted No. 1 overall ahead of Tom Schreiber. Well, Schreiber checks in at No. 1 this time around after a stellar PLL Championship Series on a loaded Archers offense.

Voted on entirely by the players, the PLL Top 50 is a representation of the respect the athletes have for their peers. This year, we get to see how those opinions have changed since 2019. For instance, no one ranked in the 2019 Top 50 rose higher than Josh Byrne, whose stellar PLL Championship Series performance for the Chaos saw him rise from No. 34 to No. 9. Joe Nardella, the faceoff hero for the Whipsnakes, rose one spot less from No. 29 to No. 5.

At the same time, several notable figures in the game fell. Both Marcus Holman (No. 7 to No. 39) and Jake Froccaro (No. 16 to No. 48) fell 32 spots.

The PLL Top 50 is a fun way to see how the players rank their teammates and opponents, so we broke down the list by a handful of categories below.

PLL Top 50
*As voted by the players





2019 Rank

1 Tom Schreiber Archers M 2
2 Matt Rambo Whipsnakes A 1
3 Zed Williams Whipsnakes A NR
4 Michael Ehrhardt Whipsnakes LSM 4
5 Joe Nardella Whipsnakes FO 29
6 Blaze Riorden Chaos G 6
7 Matt Dunn Whipsnakes D 7
8 Jordan Wolf Chrome A 8
9 Josh Byrne Chaos A 34
10 Kyle Bernlohr Whipsnakes G 18
11 Matt Kavanagh Redwoods A 10
12 Grant Ament Archers A NR
13 Zach Currier Waterdogs M NR
14 Ned Crotty Chrome M 25
15 John Haus Whipsnakes M NR
16 Garrett Epple Redwoods D 19
17 Will Haus Chrome M NR
18 Curtis Dickson Chaos A NR
19 Mike Chanenchuk Whipsnakes M 11
20 Justin Guterding Chrome A 21
21 Trevor Baptiste Atlas FO 5
22 Bryce Young Whipsnakes D 27
23 Rob Pannell Atlas A NR
24 Tucker Durkin Atlas D 12
25 Jack Near Redwoods M NR
26 Tyler Warner Whipsnakes M 39
27 Scott Ratliff Archers LSM 33
28 Jack Rowlett Chaos D NR
29 Jesse Bernhardt Chrome D NR
30 Sergio Perkovic Redwoods M 38
31 Eddy Glazener Redwoods D NR
32 Ryder Garnsey Redwoods A 30
33 Will Manny Archers A 13
34 Matt McMahon Archers D 47
35 Eric Law Atlas A 32
36 Myles Jones Redwoods M 26
37 Bryan Costabile Atlas M NR
38 Connor Kelly Waterdogs M 37
39 Marcus Holman Archers A 7
40 Kieran McArdle Waterdogs A 48
41 Tim Troutner Redwoods G 50
42 Paul Rabil Atlas M 14
43 Cade van Raaphorst Atlas D NR
44 Jordan MacIntosh Chrome M 49
45 Jack Concannon Atlas G 31
46 Jake Bernhardt Whipsnakes M 20
47 Connor Farrell Chrome FO NR
48 Jake Froccaro Chaos M 16
49 Dominique Alexander Archers M 28
50 Brent Adams Redwoods M 36


Naturally, each of the seven PLL clubs were represented, though one team stood out above the rest.

Whipsnakes: 11 players

Redwoods: 9 players

Atlas: 8 players

Archers: 7 players

Chrome: 7 players

Chaos: 5 players

Waterdogs: 3 players


Breakdowns by position can be deceiving, as each team employs one starting goalkeeper and one primary faceoff specialist. But once again, the attack and midfield positions dominated the rankings.

Midfield: 18 players

Attack: 14 players

Defense: 9 players

Goalkeeper: 4 players

Faceoff: 3 players

Long-stick midfield: 2 players

National Team Connections

A majority of the PLL’s top players have played on U.S. national teams in their careers. Here’s everyone who took part from the Top 50. Anyone who played in a world championship competition qualifies.

Senior: Tom Schreiber, Michael Ehrhardt, Trevor Baptiste, Marcus Holman, Jordan Wolf, Tucker Durkin, Paul Rabil, Jake Bernhardt, Ned Crotty, Rob Pannell, Jesse Bernhardt, Will Haus, John Haus

U19: Matt Kavanagh, Bryan Costabile, Jack Rowlett

Indoor: Matt Rambo, Trevor Baptiste, Blaze Riorden, Marcus Holman, Matt Dunn, Connor Kelly, Paul Rabil, Kieran McArdle

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