PLL Announces Updated Playing Rules for Inaugural Season


The PLL unveiled new rules for its inaugural season, including a 52-second shot clock, a 100-yard field and tweaks to the faceoff.

LOS ANGELES — Today, The Premier Lacrosse League (PLL) announced its new rules as it heads into Opening Weekend at Gillette Stadium on June 1 and 2. These rules are designed to simplify and improve the overall comprehension of game play for fans, encourage a faster pace of play for players, and account for the evolution of athleticism and skill on-field.

The Field

  • The playing field will be 100 yards in length, marking the first time in history that a professional field lacrosse playing surface will be less than 110 yards.

  • The field will remain 60 yards wide.

  • The Two-Point Arc will be 15 yards from the center of the goal-line.

  • The substitution area will be marked with a box measuring 20 yards in length that is drawn alongside the bench sideline.

“The PLL rules were formed after careful consideration and consultation with the game’s best players, organizational and governing body leaders, as well as our esteemed Lacrosse Advisory Board,” said Premier Lacrosse League Head of Lacrosse Josh Sims. “Our goal is to showcase our athletes competing in the game they love in a fashion that is both thrilling to watch and easily understood. As with each of the decisions we make, we rely heavily on data — this time pulled from the last 10 years of gameplay at the high school, college, professional and international levels. We’re pleased with where we’ve landed, and the product we witnessed at our inaugural training camp will elevate the experience for our players and fans.”


  • The regulation time will be 48 minutes, comprised of four 12 minute quarters.

  • There will be a 52 second shot clock.

  • Each team is allowed 3 timeouts per game.

  • Each team is allowed 1 challenge per half, with the ability to earn another if the first contested challenge is awarded.

  • Overtime will be one period of 12 minutes, with no timeouts available, resulting in sudden-victory when the first goal is scored.


  • The face-off area will consist of two lines at midfield (6-inches apart along a 4-inch line).

  • Face-off players will position their sticks along the lines.

  • Sticks will line up with the ball closer to the top of the head.

  • After the whistle and clamp, wing players are permitted to use their sticks to dislodge the ball from a face-off lockup. e.g. Wing players can poke and/or rake the ball out, but cannot body-check a face-off player. Standard infractions apply (push and/or slash).

  • Once the ball is clamped, the player has one step to remove the ball from the back of the stick. This must be performed in one continuous motion.

  • If a player commits an illegal procedure foul prior to the faceoff, the opposing team will be awarded possession, and the infracting player will be prohibited from participation in the next face-off.

  • Hands are not permitted on the head of the stick at any point.

  • Ball is placed before the players enter their stance. The official’s verbal queue will be “down, set” followed by blowing the whistle.

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