Game Ready: Shooting Tips From PLL Fastest Shot King Jake Froccaro


This article appears in the April 2022 edition of USA Lacrosse Magazine. Join our momentum.

Jake Froccaro cautions against mimicking the approach he used to shoot 116 MPH during the PLL All-Star Skills Challenge last summer in San Jose.

“I wouldn’t recommend taking a 10-yard running start,” Froccaro said. “You might have Garrett Epple come out and lay you out.”

Froccaro also clinched the fastest shot title with a pocket that would be unplayable in real life — with shooting strings so snug and whip so pronounced that you’d get laughed out of line drills.

But look closely at Froccaro’s mechanics at his release point. Here’s what he sees.


“A lot of people think when trying to shoot hard that it’s about using a lot of arms and rotation,” said Froccaro, one of the PLL’s most dangerous 2-point threats who was traded from the Chaos to the Cannons in January. “I think most of the power comes from your legs and having good technique.”

Keep a low base, squat-like as you load up to shoot.


“I struggled with this when I was younger and in high school,” said Froccaro, a Long Island native and Port Washington (N.Y.) product. “You keep the stick too close to your body.”

Extend your arms as far back and away from your body as possible during your windup. Not only will this lengthen your lever (and thus add velocity), but also goalies will have a more difficult time picking up the ball upon release.


Push with your top hand and pull down with your bottom hand. Snap your top wrist. Froccaro uses a three-quarter release.


Don’t stop short with your release. Power all the way through the shot. Your ears will tell you if you’re doing it right. “You should be able to hear that swooshing sound,” Froccaro said. “It shows you’re pulling hard enough.”


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