MLL Expands Salary Cap, Game Schedule, Active Rosters


MLL owners voted in a 51 percent salary cap increase, an additional two regular season games and an extra player to the gameday roster.

BOSTON, MA – September 17, 2018 – Major League Lacrosse (MLL) today announced that its owners voted unanimously to approve three significant changes to the league, all designed to invest in its players and further enhance the quality of competition on the field. The owners voted to approve an increase in the salary cap, an expansion of the game schedule, and the addition of one player to the Game Day Active Roster (GDAR). 

“The unanimous vote by the owners is a pivotal statement in terms of their support for our agenda going forward,” said Alexander Brown, commissioner of MLL. “MLL maintains the absolute best players in the game of lacrosse, period. Our owners’ investment and endorsement will ensure that the competition in our league will continue to be the pinnacle of our sport.” 

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The MLL owners voted to increase the salary cap by 51 percent, enabling players to make a salary in line with the product they are putting on the field. Raising the salary cap will allow more players the financial freedom to dedicate themselves to the game and to the sport, and will ensure a higher level of competition. 

The league will also expand the schedule by two games, with each team now playing 16 matches per season. This change will give players more chances to compete and it will provide fans with additional opportunities to see their favorite players in action.  

Finally, the league will add one player to the GDAR, giving teams more flexibility with the players they put on the field. The roster amendment marks the first time in league history that the GDAR has been expanded. Giving teams an additional player will allow for better in-game strategy and provide teams with more depth of talent.

All changes will be implemented effective immediately, so MLL fans will see the results before the start of the 2019 season. For more information about Major League Lacrosse, visit 

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