Sammy Jo Tracy uses the Maverik Ascent because it has the "hold and control that gives me the ability to try new tricks."

Pro Picks: The Top Women's Sticks of 2021

It’s not the wand, they say. It’s the wizard.

Touché. But even the craftiest wizards know when it’s time to upgrade.

We asked our friends at and ECD Lacrosse for a list of the top new men’s and women’s lacrosse sticks that youth and high school players should consider if they’re due for a replacement.

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Price: $249.99 on

The newly released Crux Pro women’s complete lacrosse stick has a new minimal design for the lightest Crux head in history. STX updated the best-selling Crux to feature EnduraForm to decrease warping and provide a stiffer feel. This lacrosse stick also comes with a 1” Comp 10 handle that has a soft, rubberized finish.


— New, minimal design for the lightest Crux head in history 

— Features EnduraForm™ — a new, proprietary formulation for improved toughness in a wider array of temperatures  

— DropRail™ technology minimizes sidewall design for superior ball retention and a wider range of motion 

— Speed Scoop™ enhances ground ball play with integrated top string protection 

— STX exclusive Offset Technology naturally drives the ball to the sweet spot 


This stick is used by some of the most elite women’s players in the game and is one of the lightest sticks on the market. Based off the STX Crux line, this stick is set to be a hit in 2021. — Vanessa Budd,


Price: $219.99 on

The Maverik Ascent Women’s Complete Stick has a 22 Degree Release Angle, which allows for high-powered shots, accurate passes and superior draw control. The highest in degree technology to date. With enhanced stiffness and a Ground Control scoop, the Ascent is tenacious in unsettled situations.


— 22 Degree Release Angle

— Shielded sidewall protects stringing from wear and tear

— 7/8” shaft, which features a new molded butt end design

Sammy Jo Tracy, North Carolina 2017

“The ascent is the perfect stick for me because I love being creative and thinking outside the box. The ascent has the hold and control that gives me the ability to try new tricks not just in the backyard, but during big games! One last and important piece is the stiffness and shape of the head — making it the complete draw stick for girls who want to win the draw and just run down the field and score!”


This stick is great for any midfielder or do-it-all player. It’s one of our best selling sticks to date and has that 22 degree technology to create the best control. — Vanessa Budd,


Price: $249.99 on

The Brine Dynasty Warp Pro lacrosse head was designed and developed by Kylie Ohlmiller, the NCAA all-time leader in points (498) and assists (246), helping make history at Stony Brook University. The pocket provides maximum power and ball control, and players like the fact that there is a narrow channel which is specifically designed for sweet spot hold.    


— Features a high sweet spot pattern and offers a tighter shooting string for maximum power

— The Minimus Carbon lacrosse shaft that this head was paired with is the lightest shaft with the best strength-to-weight ratio in the Brine lineup. Flex mesh literally wraps up the ball for unmatched control and feel.

— The handle reacts to the movement of the ball, flexing when shooting or passing for better control, feel and quicker release

Kylie Ohlmiller, Stony Brook 2018

“Working with Brine to develop the Warp KO was special because it allowed me to create a pocket that helps me play comfortably and creatively as an attacker. We developed the pocket with maximum hold in the sweet spot — which is exactly where I like the ball to sit at all times when I’m setting up a shot, dodging and looking to feed — allowing for that triple-threat freedom.”


If you are looking for a super consistent stick with all of the power and control, this is an awesome option. The ball lives in that sweet spot with no adjustments necessary and comes out of the stick with a ton of power every time.  — Vanessa Budd,

It’s not the wand, they say. It’s the wizard. Touché. But even the craftiest wizards know when it’s time to upgrade.


Price: $249.99 on

The new Gait Whip women’s complete stick with Flex Mesh is a women’s lacrosse head that finally not only allows you to have the largest front pocket, but also isn’t super wide and flimsy, resulting in a deceptive attacker’s dream stick! The Curved Offset drops the ball into the front of the pocket faster than any other head on the market, providing incredible feel and maximum power.


— Double sidewall technology creates a narrow channel at the widest part of the head allowing for optimal sweet spot control.

— Stringing hole concept gives a large front pocket without the hook when releasing the ball

— Flex mesh literally wraps up the ball for unmatched control and feel.

Dana Dobbie, Team Canada

“When your stick matches your style of play, you know you’re ready for anything that comes your way. The whip is a goalie nightmare. Complete control and hold you want/need dodging and faking with the added speed behind your shot that you’ve been waiting for.”


If you’re an attacker and love to have the ball in your stick but also have one of the best shots on your team, this is the stick for you. The largest legal women’s pocket in the game creates power and control like no other. — Vanessa Budd,


Price: $249.99 on

The Nike Lunar Fly women’s lacrosse complete stick is one of the best complete sticks in the game that is strung with mesh. It is strung with a high mesh pocket, and the actual head geometry forces a high pocket for increased hold and accurate passing and catching. 


— Beginners will enjoy the high sweet spot and the soft mesh

— Elite level attackers will love the lightweight feel of this composite shaft

— This head is strung with channel tabs that help guide the ball straight up to the sweet spot

— 10 Degree Technology which provides a quicker release and enhanced ball feel

Sam Apuzzo, Boston College 2019

“The Lunar is truly a shooter’s stick. Myself being an attacker, I love how it has a ton of hold when handling the ball and generates maximum whip on my shot.”


This stick is great for anyone new to the game, but elite attackers will love it as well. With a high sweet spot and lightweight feel, if you are a player who loves to shoot at any level, this is the stick for you. — Vanessa Budd,


Price: $224.99 on

The ECD Lacrosse Infinity full mesh women’s complete stick is made for players who are looking to spend less time worrying about their pocket and more time dominating. In an era when creativity and aggressive play are elevating the game, this complete stick gives players the power, control and finesse they need to change the game.


— Complete stick features Infinity head, Infinity Mesh pocket and the Infinity carbon fiber shaft

— Designed with seven different diamond shapes, Infinity Mesh uses larger diamonds in the center of the pocket to create a natural SweetSpot, allowing you to have full control and total confidence

— Flex 5 in the high quality, insanely light carbon fiber lacrosse shaft provides a uniform kick point for power shots

— Infinity head features an aggressive lightweight design, a full offset and a perfect launch angle, giving you control and power like you have never felt

Carolyn Jamieson, UMBC 2018

“I love the infinity! I love how lightweight it is, how it comes pre-broken in so it’s ready to go, and how it is very consistent all around. Being a midfielder, I think this stick is very versatile and great for every position. It has a great range of motion that has allowed me to improve my variance of catches, getting in passing lanes and getting off faster shots even from further out. It has a great sweet spot, and because of that, it’s easy to move around at different speeds for fakes, quick shots and passes. Another great thing about this stick is not having to worry about weather being a factor because of the weatherproof fibers used. Overall, I would recommend this stick to any player, at any age because in my opinion, the quality, technology and price are unmatched.”


This is one of the best full mesh women’s sticks out there. It has a perfect sweet spot for the player who loves to have the ball in her stick but is extremely low maintenance. Anyone who wants a pocket that gives you confidence without the upkeep, this one is for you. — Vanessa Budd,


Price: $219.99 on

The Gait Air women’s complete lacrosse stick was developed by the legendary Gait family and offers a Rail Elite pocket, which is the game’s No. 1 selling pocket in women’s lacrosse.


— The Gait Air women’s complete lacrosse stick is SUPER LIGHT, which allows for ultimate control

— Narrow silhouette improves pocket channel performance and control. The maximum sidewall transition creates the ultimate front pocket

— Interconnected twine, mesh and leather of the pocket provide a deep but not “illegally deep” pocket that is used by some of the best players in the game

— Gait Carbon mid-size handle is perfect for any type of weather

Sydney Pirreca, Team Australia

“Being a player who has used many different sticks, the Gait Air stick does not compare to any other stick. It is a great all around stick for any player and position. It has given me great control of the ball and is conveniently easy to break in and form a pocket!”


Dana Dobbie loves the Gait Whip, calling it a "goalie's nightmare."

Best on a Budget

STX Crux 400

Price: $114.99 on

The STX Crux 400 women’s lacrosse complete stick is designed for players that are just starting in lacrosse.  It can be used by youth and middle school players.  The Crux 400 girls’ lacrosse head is made for attack and midfield players, and is designed with a signature Runway Pocket. Simply put, the STX Crux 400 complete stick is an upgraded starter lacrosse complete stick, made of quality material, that will elevate a younger players game.

Best for Beginners

Maverik Erupt ST

Price: $49.99

Maverik Erupt ST Complete Stick is designed for the girl beginner player that wants to have great stick skills. The Erupt ST Complete comes with a thinner aluminum shaft to make it easier to pass, shoot and cradle. This stick meets all U10 rules and features and optimal scoop angle for precise passing and shooting. The mesh pocket is strung for increased ball hold and handling.

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