Six Points Separate Moreno and Apuzzo Heading into Final AU Weekend


Playing among the best of the best in Athletes Unlimited, Taylor Moreno and Sam Apuzzo are leaps and bounds ahead of the rest of the field — at least in terms of the leaderboard.

Since the end of Week 1, the duo has been in the top two spots on the leaderboard. Now, Apuzzo and Moreno stand just six points apart as they enter the league’s final week of play. Their closest competition — No. 3 Amanda Johansen — is over 150 points behind each of them.

A force in the cage, Moreno has yet to record a save percentage below .500. Apuzzo has lit up the field on attack, perfectly complementing the wildly talented teams she has drafted.

It will no doubt come down to these final few games to see whether Apuzzo or Moreno will be crowned AU champion, or if another player can pull off a come-from-behind victory during Week 4.


If you squinted, Saturday’s matchup between Team Colson and Team Moreno might have appeared like it was in Chestnut Hill.

The close matchup ended with Colson & Co. winning in overtime, in large part because of the efforts of former Boston College standouts Kenzie Kent and Charlotte North. Kent looked at ease from the start, kicking off the scoring en route to tallying five goals — the first player to do so during the 2022 season. North scored the game-winning goal in overtime, ultimately recording three goals and two assists on the day.

Sure, the duo never actually played together as Eagles and weren’t donning the garnet and gold. But, as they dodged and broke down Moreno’s defense, it looked like a classic Boston College showcase.


Each player has now suited up for nine games, and just three players have managed to score in all nine: North, Lauren Gilbert and Halle Majorana. Both Gilbert and North have impressed in their rookie seasons, ranking first and second in the league in goals, respectively. Majorana, a former Syracuse standout who played in the UWLX and WPLL, has brought veteran flair and experience to her matchups.

Each had star turns during Week 3: North played the hero in Team Colson’s overtime victory; Gilbert was super speedy with three-plus goals in each game; and Majorana led Team Johansen in scoring during Sunday’s victory. Keep an eye on these three in Week 4. They might just surge up the leaderboard.


1. Taylor Moreno, G, 1311
2. Sam Apuzzo, A, 1305
3. Amanda Johansen, M, 1153
4. Kady Glynn, G, 1088
5. Caylee Waters, G, 1079
6. Ally Mastroianni, M, 1042
7. Courtney Taylor, D, 1033
8. Lizzie Colson, D, 1024
9. Dempsey Arsenault, M, 1023
10. Charlotte North, A, 950


Will Moreno hold on to first place and win the Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse championship? Keep an eye on Week 4’s games.

Taylor Moreno: For the third straight week, Moreno ranks atop the leaderboard. But her teams went 0-3 during Week 3, and she now holds just a six-point lead over Apuzzo. Her Week 3 team featured former Tar Heel teammates and legends alike, ranging from Marie McCool to Emma Trenchard. It will be interesting to see if Moreno sticks to the UNC strategy or changes things up as she approaches championship weekend.

Sam Apuzzo: Apuzzo knows how to draft a team, that’s for sure. She’s gone 8-1 on the season, and each of her teams has brought a fun, fresh version of the game to the playing field. A former Boston College standout, look for Apuzzo to draft ex-teammate Dempsey Arsenault once again in Week 4.

Amanda Johansen: Johansen has been a dominant force in 2022 after missing part of AU’s inaugural 2021 season due to injury. A dynamic midfielder, Johansen will have Apuzzo and Moreno on upset watch for the championship heading into AU’s final weekend. Yes, she’s 150 points behind, but she’s a fierce competitor, and anything can happen. 

Kady Glynn: A captain during Week 1, Glynn enters the top four for the first time this season. She had a stellar Week 3, including notching a 63-percent save rate in Team Colson’s Sunday win over Team Johansen. Ranking second among four goalkeepers in the top 15, look to Glynn to continue making her mark during championship weekend.

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