Noelle Lambert Talks Her Journey on 'The Stick Drop' Podcast


Noelle Lambert experienced the pain of losing her left leg in a moped accident, and the mental hurdles that accompanied such an injury. She had to adjust to a new way of life and figure out how to step on the lacrosse field once again, in addition to finding a prosthetic limb that would fit her active lifestyle.

In the days, weeks and months after her injury, Lambert needed the support of her family, friends and teammates. She wouldn’t be where she is — training for a spot in the Tokyo Paralympic Games this summer — without it.

When Lambert heard about Pace women’s lacrosse player Courtney Pabst, who lost the lower part of her right leg due to complications from a routine ACL surgery, she knew she needed to act. She connected with Pabst via her cousin Katie Conover, the head coach at Stonehill.

“I remember hearing her story,” Lambert said. “I remember reaching out asking if there was anything I could do.”

Lambert sat down with Sheehan Stanwick Burch on this week’s episode of “The Stick Drop” podcast to talk about her journey and her connection with Pabst. You can listen to the episode on AppleSpotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

Pabst and Lambert exchanged texts throughout 2020 and developed a friendship based on their shared experiences. As their talks continued, Lambert started thinking about the Born to Run Foundation, the organization she founded to provide specialized prosthetics to children and young adults in need.

The foundation had already donated 12 prosthetics in its short history. Could Pabst be the 13th recipient?

Lambert worked with the foundation last year to solidify a running prosthetic to be given to the fellow lacrosse player. The connection between two amputee athletes came about because of lacrosse, and now it’s taking a new form.

“Having to get to the point where we’re finally able to donate a running prosthetic to her now is something that’s so exciting,” Lambert said. “We’re really excited to tie in the whole lacrosse community and the whole lacrosse world because that’s really the reason why we were able to meet each other. If I didn’t get all the recognition that I got, Courtney would have no idea who I was and she’d think that she’s all alone.”

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