Takeaways from Anish Shroff on Overtime Season 3 Ep. 5

Anish Shroff is the latest guest on Overtime with Paul Carcaterra.

Anish Shroff and Paul Carcaterra have developed a friendship over the past three years working as two-thirds of ESPN’s star lacrosse broadcast trio. Shroff, the play-by-play voice for ESPN’s coverage, has become as integral a part of the lacrosse community as his All-American colleague.

Shroff, just like many in the lacrosse community, has felt the pain of the canceled college lacrosse season. He joined Carcaterra on Season 3 Ep. 5 of the Overtime podcast, and the duo share their feelings now that the 2020 lacrosse season is lost.

Here’s what we learned from this episode:

They’re even going to miss Quint
Time stamp: 25:00

The ESPN trio consists of Shroff, Carcaterra and Quint Kessenich. Fans hear the playful jabs during broadcasts, and they brought that same attitude to the podcast.

Shroff and Carcaterra talked about all the things they’d miss with the lacrosse season canceled, but they still managed to squeeze in one more jab at Kessenich.

“This is part of who we were in the spring,” he said. “Shoot, we’re even going to miss Quint.”

“Yes, we are,” Carcaterra said. “That’s a fact, man.”

Carc is a bad driver?
Time stamp: 42:45

Carcaterra wanted Shroff to imagine a scenario in which he was driving to the stadium on Memorial Day Weekend. Shroff couldn’t get past the first part.

“Wait, I get to drive?” Shroff asked, a hint at Carcaterra’s driving ability.

The host then addressed the misconceptions about his driving skills.

“Everyone thinks that because of my ride-alongs, and you’ve been very vocal in the past telling everyone about my driving issues,” he said. “I was driving a car when I was 12 at Yorktown. I have really good, fine motor skills when it comes to handling a vehicle. I’ve been around those things my whole life.”

Reaction to the news
Time stamp: 12:00

The news hit fast last week — the NCAA lacrosse season had been canceled. It was the most unprecedented decision in the history of the sport.

Shroff and Carcaterra were both still processing the decision when they recorded this episode of Overtime. Although he understood and agreed with the decision, Shroff pointed out that it’s OK to feel disappointed.

“We’re allowed to be a little selfish and say that this is the game that we cover,” he said. “These are the people that we know, the players and coaches, so many other folks involved. For them and for us, it’s a part of our identity, and that’s stripped away now. I know that sounds like I’m ignoring what’s going on in the world at large, but you can have it both ways.”

2021: The Greatest Season Ever?
Time stamp: 51:00

The 2020 season is over, but that doesn’t mean lacrosse fans can’t start looking ahead to what could be an exciting 2021 season.

Shroff, after detailing the events he’ll now be present for, like his wife’s birthday and Mother’s Day, turned to optimism to cap his interview with Carcaterra. What could next year look like?

“There is going to be a fever pitch type of anticipation, and if some of the guys that we talked about, we see them again, plus the talent that is coming in, 2021 has a chance to be the greatest season in the history of the sport.”

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