Casey Powell Joins Paul Carcaterra on Season 4, Ep. 14 of "Overtime"

Casey Powell is a trailblazer in the game of lacrosse, both on and off the field.

A Carthage, N.Y. native, he changed the Carthage High School program for the better under coach Kirk Ventiquattro. He wore the No. 22 at Syracuse and quickly became one of the greatest lacrosse players in college lacrosse history. He then became one of the faces of the newly founded Major League Lacrosse, starring for the better part of 12 seasons.

However, he’ll always be a trailblazer for his family — arguably the most successful in the history of the sport. The oldest of three brothers, Powell ushered in an era of Syracuse lacrosse that lasted a decade. Now, all three brothers are National Lacrosse Hall of Fame members.

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Powell joined former teammate Paul Carcaterra on Season 4, Ep. 14 of the “Overtime” podcast to talk about his legacy at Syracuse, playing for Roy Simmons Jr., managing the expectations for his brothers and what it’s like being a father.

You can listen to the episode, which drops Wednesday morning on Apple, Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

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