Greatness Personified: Meet the National Lacrosse Hall of Fame’s Class of 2020

The National Lacrosse Hall of Fame was established in 1957 to honor men and women who by their deeds as players, coaches, officials and/or contributors, and by the example of their lives, personify the great contribution of lacrosse to our way of life.

Eight inductees comprising the Class of 2020 will be inducted Oct. 2 — a year later than originally scheduled due to the pandemic — in a black tie-optional gathering of the game’s greatest at The Grand Lodge in Cockeysville, Maryland.


  • 466-87 record as head coach at Darien (Conn.) High School

  • 18 state championships and 18 FCIAC championships won

It’s About the Journey

“Lacrosse has brought me great personal fulfillment and satisfaction. Knowing that I have had a positive impact on so many young ladies and have given them opportunities that they may not have had is rewarding. My advice to players is to have fun when playing. Don’t think about the end result. Enjoy the process.”


  • 655-123 record in 44 seasons as head coach at Landon School (Md.)

  • 32 league championships, including four undefeated seasons

What Really Matters

“Coaches should not forget that they are not preparing their players to go on to a career in lacrosse. Instead, your focus should be modeling the behavior you want your players to emulate. We live in a world where sportsmanship, humility, unselfishness and compassion for your opponent are often sacrificed for winning and rankings. Those will mean little if you don’t teach your players to be better citizens in the future.”


  • Four decades as an official at all levels of play

  • Officiated seven NCAA championship games, NLL and MLL finals, and world championships

Gorilla Glue

“I was introduced to lacrosse by legendary UMass coach Dick Garber, and I still have friends from those UMass teams who both officiate and play men’s leagues and tournaments. Even though the impact of the game has changed over the years, it’s still a small and unique fraternity of former players and associates. There's always a smile on everyone's face when they are around the game.”


  • Three-time All-American at Maryland who won two NCAA championships

  • Played on the 1997 U.S. World Cup Team that captured the gold medal

Good Company

“I’m so thankful for all the incredible players that I played with because they made me a better player. I also had so many Hall of Fame coaches that I was able to play for, and they were all incredible. I am so fortunate to have had all these outstanding people that I had a chance to play with and play for. They all created the best version of me on the lacrosse field.”


  • Four-time All-American at North Carolina

  • Played on 1986 U.S. national team that the world championship

Lasting Effect

“Lacrosse, coached and played correctly, develops enduring character traits in young players that can last a lifetime, and certainly this has been true for me. The resilience it takes to win a ground ball, the sportsmanship required to shake hands with the opponent just after warring with those same people, the sacrifice and sense of teamwork required to come off the field just as the ball is transitioning to offense, or after drawing a penalty but not being on ‘man-up’, the diligence and work ethic required to train hard on cold February days and in the heat of July — I am lucky that these lessons, and so many more, have been indelibly imprinted, and stay with me to this day.”


  • A top-rated official who has worked 12 straight NCAA championship weekends

  • Longtime service to the game as a rules interpreter, clinician and rater

We’re All Fans at Heart

“What the women do in the game now is far beyond anything I could have considered when I played the game. I love being part of a group that still gets to participate on the field. It’s really important that officials are fans of the game, to understand where the game has come from, and to understand the amazing athleticism involved in what these women are doing today. I love officiating because it allows me to remain a part of a game that I love.”


  • Three-time All-American at Virginia and NCAA champion in 2004

  • 2004 Tewaaraton Award winner, IWLCA Attacker and ACC Player of the Year

Relationship Status

“Lacrosse is special to me because of the relationships it has given me. I am very grateful for having played for and with some of the most amazing people. Cherish the people you meet and learn from your experiences. Lacrosse taught me how to be a leader and ultimately led me to a career that I love, coaching.”


  • 265-92 record in 23 seasons as head coach at Syracuse, with five NCAA championships

  • Two-time USILA Coach of the Year and five-time conference coach of the year

A People Person

“It’s never really about ‘I’ or ‘me.’ I’m proud of everything that we accomplished — past coaches, alumni, administration. It was always ‘we’ as a group, through thick and thin. And I’m appreciating that more every day. I realize how important it has been to be a part of people’s lives.”

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