Jessica Lowrance Delivers the Perfect Practice Plan

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Jessica Lowrance is an NCAA women’s lacrosse official, an accomplished youth and high school club coach and the vice president of postal policy at UPS. She’s a planner.

At the virtual US Lacrosse Convention in January, she shared a seven-part, 90-minute practice plan as a template for your season.

15 minutes

Disguise running in the form of stickwork. Extra touches can be found anywhere.

Footwork: Ladders or Cones
5 minutes

Key to get players moving properly. 

Stick Skills
10 minutes

Give players ownership so they can practice at home. Vary drills to keep it fun. Never do the same thing twice.

Small Groups
20 minutes

Groups of 7-10 players work best. Too big and not everyone gets touches. Too small and players get tired.

Team Concept
15 minutes

Progression is key. Drill names matter for consistency and ease of transition. Always use the same terminology.

6V6 or 7v7 Scrimmage 
25 minutes

Create game-like situations. Reps build muscle memory.


Close practice with what we learned today and a homework assignment (i.e., watch your favorite team play unit defense). Always end on a positive note. (“Continue to work on X, but I was really happy about Y.”)

Pro Tip

Have players carry their own water bottle with them to maximize practice time. 

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