Blaxers Blog: The All-Time Men's and Women's Black Lacrosse Teams

Throughout the month of February, US Lacrosse Magazine and Blaxers Blog have partnered to shine on a light on the Black men and women who have paved the way for this generation of lacrosse players and well beyond, through a series of pieces like the Most Influential Figures in Black Lacrosse History and the Future Leaders of the Black Lacrosse Community.

Today, we want to focus our coverage on the field, where Black players have been making an impact for almost a century. With feedback from over 25 members of the lacrosse community, we compiled a list of the best Black men and women to ever step on a lacrosse field.

We recognize that there are plenty of worthy candidates, and we welcome conversation on more players deserving of being honored during this month. We'd like to celebrate as many Black men and women in the sport as we can.

Without further adieu, we present the All-Time Men’s and Women’s Black Lacrosse Teams.

Men’s Team

A – Syd Abernathy, Navy (1978-81)

A – John Christmas, Virginia (2002-05)

A – John Walker, Army (2003-06)

M – Jim Brown, Syracuse (1954-57)

M – Kyle Harrison, Johns Hopkins (2002-05)

M – Myles Jones, Duke (2013-16)

M – Albert Ray, Rutgers (1980-83)

FO – Trevor Baptiste, Denver (2015-18)

D – Damien Davis, Princeton (2000-03)

D – Fred Opie, Syracuse (1984-85)

D – Tommy Smith, Virginia (1994-97)

G – Harry Alford, Maryland (2004-07)

Player/Coach – Rick Sowell, Washington College (1984-85)

Honorable Mentions: Sam Bradman, Salisbury (2009-12); Shamel Bratton, Virginia (2008-11); Isaiah Davis-Allen, Maryland (2014-17); Chris Dent, Penn State (1985-88); Joe Fowlkes, Morgan State (1975-78); JT Giles-Harris, Duke (2017-Pres.); Jules Heningburg, Rutgers (2015-18); Wayne Jackson, Morgan State (1970-73); Aaron Jones, Cornell (1984-87); Jovan Miller, Syracuse (2008-11); Dave Raymond, Morgan State (1974-77); Brian Silcott, Nazareth (1991-93); Wendell Thomas, Towson (1971-74); Zack Thornton, Loyola (1994-95); Dan Williams, Army (1984-87); Chazz Woodson, Brown (2002-05).

Women’s Team

A – Bre Hudgins, Brown (2011-14)

A/M – Elaine Jones, Virginia (1989-92)

A – Kole Pollock, Adelphi (2017-Pres.)

M – Demianne Cook, Adelphi (2010-11)/Stony Brook (2012-13)

M – Cherie Greer Brown, Virginia (1991-94)

M – Felicia Mills, Adelphi (2012-15)

– Nicole Ross Burris, Temple (1996-99)

M – Taylor Thornton, Northwestern (2009-12)

M/D – Gina Oliver Thomas, Ohio State (2002-05)

D – Jazmine Norton, North Carolina (2000-03)

D – Jessy Morgan, Virginia (2004-07)

D – Kinsley O’Garrow, George Mason (1997-2000)

G – Britt Brown, Penn (2014-17)

Player/Coach – Tina Sloan Green, West Chester (1964-67)

Honorable Mention: Joey Coffey, Cornell (2015-18); Karen Healy-Silcott, Syracuse (1999-2002); Marissa Hudgins, Brown (2015-18); Kimberly Lowe, Ohio State (2000-03); Ginger Miles, Virginia (2003-06); Marissa Mills, Adelphi (2009-12); Nicole Ross Burris, Temple (1996-99); Spring Sanders, Northwestern (2013-16); Paris Waterman, Brown (2008-11); Sydney Watson, Connecticut (2018-Pres.).

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