Why You Shouldn't Wait for the 2022 ND200 Mandate


Commotio cordis is no joke. Just ask Peter Laake.

A freshman defenseman at Loyola Blakefield (Md.), Laake survived a scary encounter with the rare but often catastrophic phenomenon that occurs when a sudden blunt impact to the chest results in cardiac arrest. Laake collapsed after he was struck in the chest by a shot during an April 16 game against McDonogh (Md.).

“I remember taking a couple steps and getting super dizzy,” Laake said. “Then I sort of blacked out.”

Two doctors in the stands rushed to Laake’s aid and assisted Loyola Blakefield’s athletic training staff in reviving his heart with an automatic external defibrillator and administering CPR.

USA Lacrosse has long advocated for the presence of an AED at lacrosse events. In 2019, the governing body of lacrosse in the U.S. raised nearly $30,000 and deployed 31 AEDs to member organizations around the country to help respond to this life-threatening injury.

USA Lacrosse’s Center for Sport Science also helped fund the groundbreaking research that led to the development of a NOCSAE chest protection standard (ND200) that specifically guards against commotio cordis and led efforts to require that all goalies (regardless of gender) this year and boys’ and men’s field players starting in 2022 wear equipment that meets the standard. USA Lacrosse worked with both the NFHS and NCAA to ensure the rule changes were universal.

Laake was not wearing a chest protector that met the ND200 performance standard when he went into cardiac arrest. Every member of the team has since purchased new shoulder pads.

USA Lacrosse urges boys’ and men’s field players of all ages to begin using protection as soon as they can rather than waiting for the 2022 mandate. These products have been certified by the Safety Equipment Institute (SEI) as meeting the NOCSAE standard ND200.



STX Stallion 75 — $39.99

Nike Vapor LT — $49.99

Warrior Burn Next — $49.99

Maverik Charger EKG — $64.99

True Temper Cadet — $69.99


STX Stallion 200+ — $59.99

Maverik MX EKG — $84.99


Warrior Evo — $119.99

Maverik M5 EKG — $124.99

Nike Vapor — $129.99

Maverik Max EKG — $139.99

STX Cell V — $139.99

STX Shadow Pro — $139.99

True Temper Zerolyte — $159.99



Nike Vapor — $89.99


Maverik M5 EKG Speed — $109.99

Maverik Max EKG Speed — $109.99

STX Cell V — $109.99

Nike Vapor Elite — $119.99

True Temper Zerolyte — $119.99



STX Shield 200 — $59.99


Maverik MX EKG — $99.99


STX Shield 400 — $119.99


Warrior Nemesis Pro — $149.99

Maverik Max EKG — $169.99

STX Shield 600 — $169.99

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