Training, Life Lessons and Friendship

Trilogy Lacrosse will operate 12 US Lacrosse-sanctioned overnight camps in 2018.

As tournaments and showcases continue to fill the summer months, many parents have a hard time finding what used to be the unrivaled champion of June and July: the overnight camp.

At Trilogy, we have remained steadfast in our belief that every kid deserves to experience all that overnight camps offer. This conviction — in conjunction with hiring top coaches, developing cutting-edge curriculum and utilizing awesome facilities — is the reason we run 10-plus overnight camps across the nation every summer.


Players elect to attend showcases too early in their development or forego training opportunities altogether. Instead of taking another summer to improve, they compete in front of college coaches before they’re ready or attend practices where the focus is on implementing team strategies, leaving their individual skills behind. With the later recruiting timeline, the emphasis will return to what we’ve always believed in: individual player development.

Role Models

Not only are our overnighters coached by some of the greatest lacrosse players, they also learn life lessons off the field from accomplished role models like father, husband and Triology leader Mitch Belisle.

Belisle, who will be at our Millbrook, N.Y., overnight camp, has won MLL and NLL championships and was a two-time All-American at Cornell. He was also a two-time academic All-American. Belisle invests time in boosting campers’ lacrosse IQ.

Lifelong Friendships

Overnight camps get kids out of their comfort zones and open to meeting people from all over the country. They spend a full week sharing meals, playing lacrosse and hanging out in the dorms. Sure, everyone starts out a bit timid, but after the first training session, the nervousness disappears and friendships begin to form over lacrosse and late-night pizza.

We still believe the memories, role models and development players experience by living in an immersive lacrosse environment remain important, and overnight camp is where that happens.

Let's Camp Out

Trilogy Lacrosse will operate 12 US Lacrosse-sanctioned overnight camps in 2018. Find one in your area at

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