The Wait is Over: Gait Brothers Launch GC3 Men's Lacrosse Head

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The Gait brothers know lacrosse.

Syracuse University (past and present), Team Canada, NLL, PLL, Athletes Unlimited — these institutions of the sport would not be the same without their wayward presence and slightly disruptive edge. The name alone is associated with the most notable moments in lacrosse history.

Air Gait, anyone?

Gary and Paul Gait are true pioneers of the game with innovative minds and a deliberate strategy that yields proven results. From their days on the field until now, it is all calculated magic.

The resurgence of the Gait Lacrosse brand in 2019 brought great success on the women’s side of equipment production. Legacy products like the Apex head made a comeback, while the game-changing Air and Draw sticks empowered multifaceted players like never before.

Since then, the pressure has been on Gait Lacrosse to build upon its men’s line. The wait is officially over.

This year, Gait Lacrosse will unveil the GC3, one-upping its popular Torq head with one featuring a design that has been developed over the past six years with top NCAA and professional players to command dominance on the field.

The GC3’s quick scoop and fully offset design reduces turf drag. A mid-to-high pocket allows for superior control from the ground ball scoop to the shot. With head shape hold and durability in mind, the technology behind its material is key in its performance. “It is sure to be a franchise head,” Paul Gait said.

The GC3 will be available for purchase at select retailers Memorial Day weekend.


Gait Lacrosse’s latest men’s head features a quick scoop and fully offset design to reduce turf drag and provide superior ball control.


  • Mid-to-high pocket

  • Improved stringing hole layout

  • Super-tough Proform plastic tech for durability

Available now. Get yours here.

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