Pick Your Pocket with Customizable ISO Warp Mesh

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Since Warp was created in 2016, Warrior has implemented its proprietary pre-knit technology into the Burn and Evo lines of heads. Now in its fifth iteration with the Burn XP, the technology has never been more advanced, providing a reliable and consistent pocket.

The new ISO Warp Mesh, however, is a game-changer — a customizable piece of mesh with all the best qualities of Warp knit technology. 

ISO Warp Mesh can be strung into all lacrosse heads just as easily as any other piece of mesh on the market. Stringers will notice the larger, stretched out diamonds in the middle of the mesh. This is the “sweet spot,” the place where the ball sits in your pocket no matter your preference (low, mid-low, mid, mid-high or high).


ISO Warp Mesh isolates the state-of-the-art Warp knitting technologies and lets you have a fully customizable experience. Consistency is the name of the game.  

  • Pre-stretched. Cut down on unwanted break-in time.

  • Resistant to the elements. Have peace of mind knowing your custom setup will perform regardless of weather conditions.

  • 8-diamond soft mesh with enlarged channel provides superior control, hold, and feel.


Note before stringing ISO Warp Mesh into your head:

  • There is a front and back. The front has a textured surface with small bumps on it as well as raised welts in the larger-diamond sweet spot that provide added hold.

  • The pre-stretched pocket allows you to decide where that part of the mesh will sit in the head. Create your preferred pocket, whether it’s low, mid or high. Adjust the location of the sweet spot by folding the top of the mesh over before putting the top string in, raising those larger diamonds up in the head. The more you fold, the higher the pocket.


Zach Currier helped develop the ISO Warp Mesh and has been testing it on the field for two years. A PLL MVP finalist for the Waterdogs, Currier did not touch his stringing setup once after training camp. With a degree in structural engineering from Princeton, Currier strings his own sticks. He also plays for the Calgary Roughnecks and Team Canada.


ISO Warp Mesh can be purchased at most lacrosse
retail stores.

SHOP NOW: $29.99

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