NCSA: How to Keep Your Recruiting Journey on Track


College coaches are still watching, just digitally.

COVID-19 may have put a temporary stop to all lacrosse events and in-person recruiting, but it hasn’t stopped student-athletes from wanting to compete at the college level and college lacrosse coaches from needing to fill open roster spots.

NCSA has spent the past 20 years helping student-athletes navigate the college recruiting process. Much of that process includes building an online recruiting profile and communicate with college coaches. Here’s a look at how we can help your recruiting journey on track.


Building an NCSA Recruiting Profile gives student-athletes access to a network of 35,000-plus coaches who are actively recruiting talent. Your profile includes stats, a highlight video, academic information, a personal statement and more for coaches to see.


At NCSA, you won’t just have access to college coaches’ contact information. We’ll also provide tips and training on how to contact coaches via email, text, phone and direct messaging. During a time when college coaches are relying more heavily on digital communication, it’s important to understand how to write an email that stands out in a coach’s inbox and how to have an effective recruiting conversation over the phone.


With the cancellation of recruiting events and the NCAA’s new “dead period,” highlight video is currently the only opportunity college coaches have to watch recruits compete and evaluate their skillsets. We have a video production team that can help.


NCSA has developed an online series that directly addresses the impact of the coronavirus on college recruiting and how student-athletes should proceed with the process. You can access and register for these classes at


To join the NCSA recruiting network, visit or call 866-495-5178 to create your online recruiting profile.

NCSA is the official responsible recruiting partner of US Lacrosse. Visit to create your online recruiting profile and join the NCSA recruiting network.

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