Nation United Launches Virtual Portal to Gather, Catalog Racist Incidents


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Nation United Foundation, nonprofit affiliate of Nation United Lacrosse, launches “The Incident Report” for the purpose of increasing awareness and addressing acts of racism in lacrosse. The organization began beta testing the portal on August 3, 2020.

The Incident Report is a virtual portal designed to help gather, catalog and coordinate resolutions for events of hatred, racism and discrimination at all levels of competition in the sport of lacrosse. The purpose is to create greater awareness about the need for leaders in the lacrosse community to be more proactive in introducing policies and procedures which preserve the identity and spirit of all its members as the sport becomes more diverse.

Since Nation United Foundation’s inception in 2018, the organization has recorded more than 15 significant incidents whereby an act of racism in lacrosse has led to a substantial, damaging effect, including negative publicity, compromised safety, scholarship risk, and job loss.

“Creating a safe space for individuals and families to self report racist behavior and discrimination in the sport will help us gain more insight about the types, frequency and impacts of these incidents. Ultimately, it will allow us to more effectively serve as a resource to the lacrosse community at a critical juncture in the sport’s history.” states Jeremy Ardrey [Nation United Foundation, Executive Director].

“These results, on all sides, are unnecessary at best. These accounts will hopefully change how we all treat each other to avoid future incidents.” [Brian Dawson, Nation United Foundation, Board Chairman].

Users may submit any incident at Each submission will be reviewed and published. The Foundation also offers support and consultation.

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