Lacrosse Innovation: Warp for All

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When Warrior released the revolutionary Warp line of men’s lacrosse sticks in 2016, speculation ensued. Could the same technology — the 3D-knitted polypropylene pocket praised for its consistency and no-strings-attached simplicity — translate to the women’s game?

Less than four years later, Brine has finished a full Warp family of sticks that covers players of all ages, skill levels and positions.

The Dynasty Warp Pro, which debuted in the fall of 2018, was the first in a family that now includes six different Warp products.

Dynasty Warp Mini
Skill: Beginner
Position: Any

For beginners ages 6 and under or as a toy for lacrosse lovers of any age, the Warp Mini also comes with a tennis ball.

Dynasty Warp Junior
Skill: Beginner
Position: Any

Made for players age 10 and under who are still learning the game, the Warp Junior has a wider face shape to increase the surface area when catching the ball. The lowered sidewalls provide maximum legal pocket depth, while the U-shape scoop makes it easier to pick up ground balls.

Dynasty Warp Next
Skill: Intermediate
Position: Any

The Dynasty Warp Next comes with an all-around pocket that is designed with a larger channel for developing catching, throwing and ball control skills. The reinforced sidewalls create a stiffer flex profile to provide maximum control and accuracy.

Dynasty Warp Pro
Skill: Advanced
Position: Attack

Designed for the elite-level attacker, the centerpiece of Brine’s Warp line provides maximum hold, ball control and pinpoint accuracy.

Dynasty Warp KO
Skill: Advanced
Position: Attack

Designed and developed by Kylie Ohlmiller, the KO features a high pocket with a tighter shooting string for maximum power. Customized tension zones create a U pattern around the sweet spot in the pocket, providing a strong hold on the ball.​

Dynasty Warp Mid
Skill: Advanced
Position: Midfield or Defense

The high shooting string and engineered tension zones are optimal for controlling the ball and directing draw controls. The larger channel is designed with plated runners for maneuvering on both ends of the field.


  • Unmatched consistency

  • No maintenance

  • Weather-resistant

  • Won’t bag out and become illegal

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