Fit For a King: Hudl and Hudl Assist Fueling Success of Massachusetts Club

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With 27 youth teams and four high school teams, Kings Lacrosse is one of the premier youth lacrosse clubs in the country. More than 200 former players have played collegiately. The Massachusetts-based youth lacrosse club puts a premium on providing athletes with the tools to compete at a high level and stand out to recruiters.

Kings Lacrosse directors each work with 25 players. They meet one-on-one with the athletes to provide guidance on recruitment and skill-building technique. For recruiting and team performance, Hudl is a must-have.

“We’ve had a four-part recruiting series for high schoolers,” said Ryan Murphy, director of operations for Kings Lacrosse. “The first series is to set up your Hudl profile. Make a Hudl highlight video. That’s big for part one. Then each part, we bring a different college coach on to talk about the recruiting process and timeline and the importance of academics.”

Murphy is a college coach himself at UMass Dartmouth. He knows the value of a good highlight reel. He looks at Hudl when he can’t make it to a tournament or see a player live.

Joe O’Brien, a local high school lacrosse coach, has a son on the Kings 2022 team. He said the Kings have done a “phenomenal job” coaching and providing recruiting opportunities on Hudl. 

Kings Lacrosse also gets a leg up from Hudl Assist, Hudl’s data breakdown service.

“The Assist feature is just awesome in so many different ways,” Murphy said. “After the game, I may go, ‘Wow, we played awful on offense.’ I can go and pick all the offensive possessions, put them in a playlist and boom, shoot them out to the kids.”

“For players making highlight reels,” he added, “they can put their number in and it pulls up all the plays they’re in. And on the director’s side, it helps me creating [reels for] social media for the kids.” 

O’Brien said having Hudl and Hudl Assist as well as having consecutive years of video on Hudl will benefit his son, who was a sophomore this past year. He said he’ll be able to make better highlights as his son develops with Kings Lacrosse, maturing physically via workouts and mentally through watching film.

For seniors, making the most of their final year with the club is vital to their future.

“This is such an important year and summer for them to be seen by [college] coaches,” Murphy said. “Having Hudl and having our film from the fall to make those highlight reels to send to them is really huge.”

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