Can't Stop the Evolution: Warrior Unveils the Evo QX

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Twenty years after the release of the first Evolution head, Warrior is introducing its biggest stick launch possibly in the history of the company: the Evo QX.

The longest-running line of lacrosse heads in the industry, Warrior launched the first Evolution (now known as “Evo”) in the 1999-2000 season and has seen the Evo become its top-selling line of products year after year.

For the first time ever, the line will feature both offensive (Evo QX-O) and defensive (EVO QX-D) heads, as an addition to Warrior’s suite of Warp products (Evo QX-O Warp). Also this fall, Warrior is unveiling two new carbon fiber shafts (attack and defense lengths), gloves and a new NOCSAE ND200-certified shoulder pad.

The History 

The Evo line dates back to the 1999-2000 season with the original Evolution. Players took to the Evolution because it was one of the tightest heads on the market. At the time, lacrosse heads were wide and players regularly pinched and baked them in ovens to get the desired face shape and maximize control.

The Evolution eliminated that process while also adding in Warrior’s patented offset technology to make it one of the top performing heads on the market. The head really took off at the NCAA Division I level, especially with Princeton, which went on a great run in the early 2000s with players utilizing the head.

What’s Different About the Evo QX? 

The Evo QX will officially be the sixth iteration of the Evolution line. The last head, the Evo 5, launched in 2016.

The biggest addition to the Evo-QX line is Warrior’s new Therma-Loc technology, which is a new molded plastic to help the head hold its shape and perform consistently in extremely hot and cold conditions. This addresses a need for athletes who compete in multiple games during summer tournaments, causing their sticks to lose shape and perform inconsistently.

Therma-Loc helps players avoid this issue and maintain the stiffness and accuracy they need to perform on the field in all types of weather. At the same time, the head stays durable during cold, early-season games.

Evo QX-O

  • Unstrung head for offensive players who prioritize accuracy, control and a quick release. 

  • Perfect for both playmaking midfielders and attackmen.

  • Used by PLL pros Tom Schreiber (Archers) and Mike Chanenchuk (Whipsnakes).

Evo QX-D

  • Unstrung head for defenders and transition midfielders.

  • Utilizes a slightly wider face shape than the offensive version.

  • Thicker sidewalls for more durability when throwing checks.

  • Used by PLL pros Tucker Durkin (Atlas) and Zach Currier (Waterdogs).

Evo QX-Warp

  • Same as Evo QX-O, but strung with a fourth-generation Warp pocket.

  • New pocket provides maximum ball control.

  • Warp tech assures no stringing or maintenance required. Just pick up the stick and play.

  • Used by PLL pro Rob Pannell (Atlas).

The Evo QX line of products will be available at most lacrosse retailers starting Nov. 6

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