Best Lacrosse Podcasts, Playlists to Listen to While Social Distancing

No lacrosse on the field doesn’t mean there can’t be lacrosse in your ears.

That’s right, we’re talking about podcasts and playlists in the latest installation of US Lacrosse Magazine’s picks to help you get through social distancing. We’ve already told you about social accounts to follow, shows to watch and books to read, so this will finish up our content suggestions.

Did we miss any? Email Kenny DeJohn at with your suggestions.


“Overtime” with Paul Carcaterra​

US Lacrosse Magazine’s own podcast, “Overtime” gives lacrosse fans a look inside the best athletes, coaches and people of lacrosse. Hosted by ESPN personality Paul Carcaterra. Available to listen on Apple and Spotify.

“Inside Lacrosse Podcasts”

The “Inside Lacrosse Podcasts” bring you news, opinion and analysis from men’s and women’s lacrosse across all divisions. It includes news on recruiting and professional lacrosse, too.

“Unbuckled Chinstrap” with Paul Rabil

Premier Lacrosse League player and co-founder Paul Rabil interviews some of the best players and personalities in the PLL, with a new guest every week.

“The Inside Feed”

The other PLL podcast — hosted by social media coordinators Emma Adams and Lisa Redmond — gives fans of the league a different, behind-the-scenes look at some of their favorite players.

“ Podcast”

Hosted by lacrosse coach Jonathan Edwards, this podcast provides tips and advice on how to improve your skills.

“Lacrosse All Stars Network”

A podcast about all things lacrosse. The March 17 episode features NLL commissioner Nick Sakiewicz discussing coronavirus concerns.


This podcast, hosed by Jamie Munro, provides analysis and consulting for both players and coaches. Guests include college coaches, media personalities and more.


Lacrosse Pregame (Clean)

The thing with pregame or workout playlists is that they’re personalized and a reflection of who we are as individuals. But Spotify has a 28-song Lacrosse Pregame playlist that could get you hyped before game time. 

Lacrosse Warmup Music

This one’s shorter than the previous playlist, and there’s a slight bit of overlap, but here’s another option from Spotify.

The Most Productive Playlist Ever

We know you also need to do some work while at home, so this playlist — subtitled Songs for Work — is an option if you need to get zoned in and be productive.

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