Stick Trick Guru Kayla Treanor Teaches the Rainbow


Attacker Kayla Treanor is Team USA's go-to leader for the stick-trick station at clinics.

Training can be fun. Just ask Kayla Treanor, the three-time Tewaaraton finalist and four-year All-American at Syracuse who works as much on her stick tricks as she does on her conditioning and wall ball. 

“The better you are with stick tricks, the more comfortable you are in a game handling the ball,” said Treanor, now a member of the 2017 U.S. Women's World Cup team and assistant coach at Harvard. “It’s a fun part of the game you should teach the kids, because it’s something they can go and practice on their own because they want to. It’s not like a chore.”

Treanor often tends the stick-trick station at Harvard camps and Team USA clinics, showing off the very wiles that have made her a #SCTop10 regular.

The Rainbow 

1. Hold your stick in your dominant hand so the ball is facing up. 

2. Quickly turn your wrists over, like you’re revving an engine. 

3. Flip your stick over your head. It should turn 360 degrees in the air.

4. Catch it with your opposite hand on the other side. Quickly turn your wrist so the ball stays in your pocket. 

5. To advance difficulty, keep your stick in front of you or flick your stick off your foot. 

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