Max Protect with Team USA's Rob Pannell


Rob Pannell says the key to stick protection is keeping it close to your body.

It seems like an easy task — keeping your stick away from a defender. However, there is an art to stick protection that makes it difficult for any defender or check to get the ball away from you.

New York Lizards and Team USA attackman Rob Pannell is one of game's best at preventing those turnovers. "I'd put me above everyone," he joked.

Pannell, fresh off a record-setting 74-point season with the Lizards, said the key to good stick protection is keeping it close to your body.

Stick Protection

1. Keep your hands at the top of your stick and keep the head close to your shoulder of the hand that stick is in.

2. Turn your back or shoulder to the defender and continue to rotate at your waist with your core.

3. Keep your stick between your shoulders and in your chest area with your outside hand. Don't switch hands when your shoulder is open to the defenseman.

4. Protect your stick just by rotating your upper body and keeping your feet moving in the same direction.

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