Get Your Stick Dirty with John Galloway


New Jacksonville coach John Galloway teaches the fundamentals of being active both in and out of goal.

“Lacrosse goalies aren’t athletic.” That’s the old way of thinking.

Rochester Rattlers goalie John Galloway, a two-time NCAA champion at Syracuse, preaches athleticism between the pipes.

“We tell our younger guys to be an athlete, not to fall into the notion that goalies aren’t athletes,” said Galloway, the first-year head coach at Jacksonville. “Continue to develop your game outside of just the cage. Being an athlete allows you to be a little bit more reliant on your intuition. Guys who just play and trust their athleticism are usually the most effective in goal.”

Being an athlete also allows for a quicker first step to make a save.

“If you can perfect those small movements and are willing to be monotonous in your training, you can continue to develop your game, regardless of what level you’re at,” Galloway said.

The Two-Step

1. Explode. Step 6 inches to the ball. Be efficient and explosive off the ground, driving into the turf to get where the shot is headed as quickly as possible.

2. Gather yourself. Bring your hips all the way through the ball, and then step with your trail foot to balance out your weight and get behind the ball.

3. Punch. Jab with your top hand to make the save and swing with your bottom hand to control the rebound, as opposed to just blocking it.

4. Control. Get your chest to the ball, making sure your weight is over it. Avoid falling over. If you do give up a rebound, prepare to make another save.

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