Q&A With New Northwestern Assistant and All-Time Great Casey Powell


Earlier this month, Hall of Famer and two-time U.S. national team captain Casey Powell took on a new job as a volunteer assistant with Northwestern’s lacrosse program. US Lacrosse Magazine contributor Ella Brockway caught up with him last week to learn what brought him to his new role in the Lake Show.

How’d this job come about?

I’ve been in the Chicago area for a couple years now, and I run a lacrosse club called Team One, which is right next door to Evanston. I’ve known [Northwestern head coach] Kelly [Amonte Hiller] and [assistant coach] Scott [Hiller] for many years, since the 90s. I respect what they do. They contacted me a couple months ago about the idea, and I mulled it over a little bit to see if I could work it within my schedule, and it worked out. So kind of came out of nowhere, but happy to be a part of it.

What was it about women’s college lacrosse that made this opportunity so intriguing?

I’ve had the opportunity to be around a lot of different aspects of lacrosse. I’ve trained girls for a very long time at my camps and clinics and all that kind of stuff, so I’m very familiar with the sport. And my daughter [Bella, 13] plays as well. For me, mostly, it was the opportunity to further my craft as a lacrosse coach and as a lacrosse ambassador, to learn from somebody like Kelly and Scott. That’s really what intrigued me: The opportunity to be around high-level athletes and some of the best coaches in the game.

Northwestern is one of the most storied programs in the history of the sport. What’s it been like to join a team like that?

I played the game at the highest level, and I loved being around that kind of player, and that’s what Northwestern has. They have players that are very serious about the game of lacrosse. They take it very seriously, and that’s the kind of players I wanted to be around. It’s been great to see how coachable they are, and how they play with such creativity and passion. It’s an inspiring environment, and I’ve really enjoyed that so far.

Are there any challenges that you’ve faced early on?

What I’m trying to do is add my tips and creativity and innovation to help some of the players be a little more successful. But we have a very difficult schedule and our goal is to be successful at the end, and that’s what we’re training for. We’re just focused and preparing to face the challenges that we have ahead, and that’s it.

The Wildcats are the No. 6 team in the nation with a 3-1 record and maybe the best offense in the country. What are your impressions of them so far?

They’re high-octane, I would say. They’re ready to go. It’s been a great environment to be around. The girls don’t need much motivation. They’re already motivated to make some noise this year, so I’m real excited to be around them, to have the opportunity to spend time with them, and again, learn from great coaches and have the opportunity to coach high-level athletes.

What else are you up to right now?

I do a lot of different things. I’m the director of player development for Team One. That’s my full-time job. I own and operate Powell Lacrosse Company, and actually we’re coming out with a girls’ stick soon, so the Northwestern girls are helping me with the design, with some ideas and stuff like that. But yeah, I represent Team One Lacrosse and have the opportunity again to coach right next door.

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