Behind the Whistle: Three Questions for Kady Glynn


This story initially appeared on Behind the Whistle, the official blog of the IWLCA, and is being republished with permission from the organization. Kady Glynn is an assistant coach at Monmouth University.

[Editor’s Note: From time to time, we will feature a short Q&A with an IWLCA member coach. The format will be one question about lacrosse, one question about life and one fun question.]

1. For those people who just think goalies are crazy, describe why being a goalkeeper calls for a unique skillset and personality:

Being a goalie is so unique because your mental game is just as, if not more, important as your physical game. Your skill set and personality as a goalie require a short memory when you’re on the field. It’s all about being able to reset yourself in a matter of seconds, something that’s easier said than done. You are the last line of defense between winning and losing a game – mental resilience is what separates the good from the great goalies.

2. What is the best advice you’ve received, who gave you that advice and how have you integrated it into your life?

The best advice I have been given was a video that a Navy Seal played for our program at Monmouth called “Good.” It is about saying “good” to anything that life throws at you, whether it is positive or negative. You say “good” because you have the opportunity to make any cards you are dealt, or any situation you’re in, better than it is presently. This advice allows me to get the best out of anything life throws at me.

3. You had the opportunity to play professional lacrosse this past summer with some of the best players in the game ... imagine you had to pick THREE of them to get stuck in an elevator with — who do you pick and why?

Taylor VanThof, Taryn VanThof, and Katrina Geiger. They are my best friends; we might end up wanting to kill each other but ain’t no dog like an LC dog. Gotta stay true to my Hounds!

Glynn just finished season one of Athletes Unlimited Lacrosse and ranked fourth on the overall leaderboard. For more information on the league, please visit their website.

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