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Since 1978, USA Lacrosse Magazine has inspired generations of lacrosse families to love this great game and leave it better for the next. We harness the power of storytelling to help fuel the sport’s growth and enrich the experience of participants.

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USA Lacrosse Magazine is available only to members of USA Lacrosse as one of the many benefits of membership. Membership dues help USA Lacrosse fuel the growth of the game nationwide. Join USA Lacrosse today to start your subscription.

Non-youth members receive all issues of the magazine. Youth members (age 14 and under) currently receive the February, March, April, May/June, July/August and November/December issues, but have the option to upgrade to all issues with their membership.

New members must join at least one month prior to an issue month in order to receive the next issue. For example, to receive the July/August issue, a member must join USA Lacrosse before the address file is pulled from the database by June 1.

When quantities permit, additional copies or back issues of USA Lacrosse Magazine can be purchased through USA Lacrosse. The cost of each issue is $5 for members and $6 for non-members, inclusive of postage. To inquire about quantities, please e-mail membership@usalacrosse.com.

Some members have noticed that the address label on the magazine is now being printed upside down. This is not a printing error. This is a new requirement from the USPS for periodicals using co-mail (which we do). The only way to print addresses right-side up would be to move them to the back cover, which we do not favor doing at this time.


With more than 400,000 USA Lacrosse members, USA Lacrosse Magazine is the perfect vehicle to reach the national lacrosse community. Please contact Kirsten Brown, senior account manager, at kbrown@usalacrosse.com.


Unsolicited story ideas, articles and photographs are welcome, as are Letters to the Editor. Please contact Matt DaSilva, editor in chief, at mdasilva@usalacrosse.com.

With some exceptions, USA Lacrosse Magazine uses the Associated Press style. Submissions should be written using a word processor software program (Microsoft Word is preferred) and emailed as an attachment to the editor. Be sure the subject of the email reflects what type of submission is being sent. Please observe editorial deadlines.

Digital photographs should be submitted in the form of original, unedited JPEGs. Suggested captions are welcome. Photographs may be submitted via CD or e-mail. Prints also are accepted and are returned upon request. Photographer credit is published when supplied.


Reproduction of any content within USA Lacrosse Magazine without the written consent of USA Lacrosse and the writer, photographer or artist is prohibited.


Photographs appearing in US Lacrosse Magazine remain the copyrighted property of the photographer and cannot be sold or distributed to individuals by USA Lacrosse staff. Individuals interested in securing reprints of images should contact the photographer directly. Some photographers make their images available for redistribution. Others do not. There may be a fee involved in securing a reprint.


US Lacrosse maintains USALaxMagazine.com, with news, features, scores, photos and videos covering all levels of play. Occasional feature articles printed in USA Lacrosse Magazine are republished here, and vice versa. The online component of USA Lacrosse Magazine does things that a printed publication can’t, providing insights and information in a timely manner.


Mission: As the governing body of lacrosse in the United States, USA Lacrosse provides national leadership, structure and resources to fuel the sport's growth and enrich the experience of participants.

Vision: We envision a future that offers everyone a lifelong opportunity to enjoy the sport of lacrosse.

USA Lacrosse Magazine communicates to members and the greater lacrosse community philosophies and policies designed to ensure lacrosse’s growth in a manner that reflects USA Lacrosse’s mission and vision.

Articles and advertisements in apparent conflict with the organization’s mission and vision are subject to review and action by an Editorial Advisory Group.

The magazine predates the organization, having been owned and published by the former Lacrosse Foundation from 1978 to the 1998 inception of USA Lacrosse.


VP, Marketing and Membership Karen Smith

Sr. Director, Communications Brian Logue

Editor in Chief Matt DaSilva

Art Director Heather Hughes

Advertising and Partnerships Kirsten Brown

Digital Content Editor
Kenny DeJohn

Content Marketing Manager Matt Hamilton

Sr. Manager, Program Content Paul Ohanian

Staff Writer Beth Ann Mayer

Graphic Designer Alyssa March

Sr. Producer, Digital Media Mason Perricone

Producer, Digital Media
Jason Bass


Photographers Rich Barnes, Kait Devir, Nick Ieradi, Matt Risley, Keith Lucas, Gregory A. Shemitz, John Strohsacker, Kevin P. Tucker, Peyton Williams


Writers Justin Boggs, Ella Brockway, Dylan Butler, Zack Capozzi, Taylor Cummings, Jeremy Fallis, Justin Feil, Chapel Fowler, Jack Goods, Emma Healey, Marisa Ingemi, Gary Lambrecht, Corey McLaughlin, Hunter Nelson, Laurel Pfahler, Nelson Rice, Phil Shore, Patrick Stevens, Charlotte Varnes